Lin Ma targets table tennis trifecta |

China’s Ma Lin has not had an easy year leading up to the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, which open on Wednesday (7 September). Before even starting to train for Rio, the defending Paralympic champion from Heilongjiang had to recover from a knee injury he had sustained after the World Championships in 2014.

Three-time Paralympic gold medallist Ma Lin admits he has not had the best preparation leading up to the Rio 2016 Paralympics.

“While I was recovering [in 2015], I ate a lot of food to get the nutrition I needed to properly recover, and I couldn’t move, work out and train as much as I used to,” he explained.
Then, he had to start over, which involved losing all the weight he had previously gained.

“In preparation for the Rio Paralympics, I’ve had to lose the 45 pounds that I had gained during recovery. As a result, I’m also at a better place psychologically,” he said. “We will see if the hard work pays off in Rio. Sometimes, winning also has to do with luck.”



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