Table Tennis game ethics

What kind of a player are you? Do you play by the book or do you pull out every trick in your sleeve to win, even if that means not to be very ethical?


It doesn’t happen often and usually not by high-level players but it does happen and it has happened to me a few times. As I am in the middle of a match and things are looking good for me to win… things like these happen out of the sudden or sometimes they are this way from the beginning of the game:

– Opponent starts limping after every point.
– Opponent is holding his leg or arm in agonizing pain
– Opponent is looking out of breath losing consciousness
– Opponent goes into a fit about… someone in the audience talking, the floor being dirty, the sunlight coming in from the non-existent window etc

– Tears coming down on the opponent’s cheeks as he is waiting for me to serve
– Opponent is having some imaginary problems with his paddle
– Opponent yells CHO in every single point, even if you just miss a serve
– Opponent is delaying you from serving by jumping up and down, walking around and avoiding to assume ready position in time. And so many other tricks that I can’t even bother to remember.

In some of these cases the opponent is even contemplating to quit the game at some point but somehow they never do. What’s even crazier is that they continue to play like nothing happened and they are even better than before the “incident”.

Even though I realize that its all an act, it still throws me off.There is no way I can play the next point like nothing happened. I do lose my concentration and I struggle to get the whole scene out of my mind. As a result, I find myself struggling through a match that looked like a cakewalk.

I can’t think of any training method to be able to master insensitivity and be able to go through matches like this without a stumble.Has this happened to you? Are you using these kinds of tactics? I would love to hear your take on this.

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