What makes a top Table Tennis player

Table Tennis Top player

What is a top player?

Everyone has a different definition of what a ‘top player’ is.  You may view it as no.1 in your local club, or as one of these in your country,or even possibly as top 10 on the world rankings list.  No matter what your view is, you can become a top player yourself (depending on many factors of course).

When I first started playing TT, in my eyes – the local league players were the best ones!  Today many people see me as a top player  (locally, nationally and occasionally internationally).  I personally don’t consider myself as one because as a teen I dreamed of becoming “A World Champion”, and I was not able achieve this dream for a variety of reasons.  However, I personally consider a top player to be someone who is ranked inside the worlds top 100 or of that caliber.

Here are 3 things you need to be a top player

1. Vision: There is a huge difference between having goals and having a vision. When you have goals, you’re aiming to get somewhere but when it gets tough or you have not achieved certain goals which were set, you quit!  Having a vision on the other hand means you see yourself achieving and doing whatever it takes to get those desired personal dreams.  Having a vision does not mean you will always achieve what you want (due to age, personal capabilities, local/national structure, resources etc.) but having a vision gives you a far greater opportunity of fulfilling your dreams because you will do your utmost to break through the obstacles, to make  your vision a reality.

2. Sacrifice: No athlete has achieved greatness without sacrificing many things in their lives.  Making a dream come true requires doing whatever it takes, this could mean giving up your weekend to go to tournaments, traveling great distances to train in a different location or with a different coach. And even moving to a different country.

3. Plan: As the saying goes “fail to prepare… prepare to fail”.  That quote says it all.. nothing is produced without some sort of plan.  Just going to training sessions is not enough. Making a plan as what aspect of your game you will be working on at each training session is necessary for improvement.  This same strategy should be used when playing tournaments. You should always plan how to beat your opponent.  The better your plan, the greater your chances of success.

Top players are not born they are made, so what are you waiting for? Go and make yourself a top player…


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